Madrid natives Hinds are known for their DIY ethos, from scribbling Arctic Monkeys lyrics into scrapbooks in 2011 to penning open, anthemic ballads from loneliness and rejection on their new album ‘The Prettiest Curse’, set for release on 3rd April ahead of their gig at The Castle and Falcon.

“You know that part in the movies when two people on a relationship are living complete opposite realities? When one thinks everything is great and the other one is about to drown? ‘Good Bad Times’ is the struggle of communication, time difference, distance. Like the two sides of a coin” said vocalist Carlotta Cosials on one of the lead singles from ‘The Prettiest Curse’. With a pounding dum beat and 80s pop twinge of guitars, the struggles of loss of love are masked over a bubblegum sweet chorus that has already proven popular amongst fans of the quartet. Other tracks like the ‘Paper Planes’ esque ‘Riding Solo’ and newest track ‘Come Back and Love Me <3’ are setting the tone for their highly anticipated new album. Still keeping that DIY-fuzzy charm but with more bite than their previous records, ‘The Prettiest Curse’ washes away criticisms of lacking “technical prowess” with a beam of positivity. 

Since their debut album in 2016, Hinds were hotly tipped as rock & roll’s next best kept secret, promising party filling indie anthems with bolstered lyrics flying over heavily dressed drums and guitars. They delivered just that with 2016’s ‘Leave Me Alone’ debut, and the eclectic follow up ‘I Don’t Run’. Only three songs into discovering this veer into a new direction Hinds promise the sugar crush of their previous records, just with even more ferocity. 

After stories of meeting their initial inspiration at a New York After party, to supporting The Strokes on tour along with their own heavy catalogue of gigs, Hinds are heavily armed for a raucous and energetic upcoming UK tour. Bringing Denmark’s LISS on board with their yearning pop and 80s synthesiser infused sounds, April 15th is an evening for anthemic indie hooks, party starting choruses and sun drenched beats from one of Spain’s finest exports. 

Hinds head to The Castle and Falcon with support from LISS. Tickets are on sale now.