A small hum stirs in the backroom of The Castle and Falcon. Like bees swarming in the hive friends gather in tight circles quietly bantering away the hours. As the words slip through their mouths, small effervescent bubbles float in their drinks, an elixir for the passing time. These groups have entered into a safe and secluded realm, a place where drama escapes and the weight of the day passes.

With its wood clad walls and double bars The Castle and Falcon is a welcoming haven for the cold nights. It’s roaring fire and smooth leather seats allow you to feel like you’re at a cosy holiday cabin, an escapist quality that is much sought. Paring quality pub culture with live music, The Castle and Falcon is quickly becoming the best intimate gig setting. A quick hop from the main room and you can find the small gig room. Like the other room, the stage has an intimate and warm feeling. This night powerhouse Tom Walker is playing to a sold out show, a remarkable transcendent experience.

The Castle and Falcon’s back room is a brilliant space, giving way to automatically friendly feeling gigs. With the bar staff continuing to pour the room fills and swirls. As a music venue The Castle and Falcon hosts the important pairing of proper lighting tools and a great sound system. Whereas some small venues suffer from echoing acoustics or inadequate structures, The Castle and Falcon’s acoustic set up is comparable to other major venues. Stylistically the venue is inviting and practically the venue allows expressive artists to sound their best.

Massive shows are amazing and energetic, but they often lack a certain quality that music lovers crave. A warm personal experience in which one does not merely hear the music but is absorbed by it is the type of moment that one can expect when they enter into The Castle and Falcon. The enticing venue is perfect for both a lively night out and a quick catching of a show, making it a place to keep on your list.