What do you get when you mix tight, raucous riffs, a profusion of pop hooks and uncontainable, frenetic live energy? One word: Yonaka.

The Brighton based four piece aren’t messing around. After forming in 2015 the dark, fiery, alt-pop quartet have exploded onto the scene and proved to be heavy weight contenders. 2016’s ‘Ignorance’ was a gritty introduction to Yonaka’s blazing, straight talking persona and hard hitting lyrics. However, it was 2018’s ‘Creature’ EP that set critics alight, scorching all those who came near with ‘Death By Love’ and the title track, a Jekyll & Hyde moment which saw Yonaka reach powers of volcanic proportions in the alternative music scene. 

With their name meaning ‘dead of the night’, Yonaka transform this inspiration into every colossal hit they slam onto crowds. Strong, tight bass lines meet pounding snare and guitars that flicker between nu-metal inflections and bittersweet pop. Its a combination which, combined with lead singer Theresa Jarvis’ impassioned vocals, creates a beautifully dramatic and almost cinematic sound that will pull at the heart strings of any music fan. 

Now, with the singe of new album ‘Don’t Wait Til Tomorrow’ in the air, Yonaka are careering across the UK this march bringing their spontaneous, foot-stomping-addictive anthems to near-sell out shows up and down the country.

They start their tour right here, at The Castle and Falcon on Friday, March 15th, before hitting up London’s infamous Heaven and a finale of a show in their hometown in June. The sheer steadfastness of their acclaim has seen a frenzy of excitement for these gigs. We can assure Yonaka won’t be in ‘Bad Company’ on March 15th, with only 100 tickets left for this once-in-a-lifetime band. 

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