Friday, 11 April

7pm // £22.50 // 14+


Keywest is a dynamic Irish band that started as street performers in Dublin, captivating
audiences with their folk rock sound and magnetic stage presence. Their passion for music has
taken them to performing on the streets of many cities around the world, including Los Angeles
and most major cities in the UK. Their talent and hard work have not gone unnoticed and have
earned them a loyal following, resulting in an impressive record of 9 number one singles, 3
number one albums, and 3 nominations in the Irish Music Awards. With a platinum disc under
their belt, Keywest has become a household name in Ireland, selling out tours across Ireland,
the UK and Europe.

Even After achieving great commercial success in the Irish music industry, Keywest has always
remained true to their roots as buskers. Their early beginnings as street performers in Dublin
have had a profound impact on their music and their approach to their craft. The band’s unique
sound, which blends rock, pop, and folk influences, has its roots in the raw and organic energy
of street performances.

Despite their growing popularity, Keywest has continued to busk on occasion, returning to the
streets where it all began. This not only keeps them grounded and connected to their fans, but
also allows them to experiment with new sounds and connect with new audiences. Busking has
always been a fundamental part of Keywest’s identity, and they have used it to maintain a strong
connection with their fans and stay true to their roots.

Their music is a powerful blend that is both unique and universally appealing, born on the street
and delivered with infectious energy to keep people’s attention.

“Keywest’s stage presence was electric, with their infectious energy and catchy melodies
making it impossible to stand still.” – The Irish Times

“Keywest’s live shows are a masterclass in how to engage an audience. From start to finish,
they had the crowd in the palm of their hand.” – Hot Press

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