Moving Pictures – A Tribute to Rush

Moving Pictures - A Tribute to Rush + Playing the Permament Waves album in full

Friday, 8 December

7pm // £17 // 14+

Moving Pictures - A Tribute to Rush
MOVING PICTURES – RUSH TRIBUTE play for over two hours covering all the classics such as Tom Sawyer, The Spirit of Radio and Xanadu (with doubleneck guitars) plus some deeper cuts such as By Tor and later belters such as Far Cry and Headlong Flight.
Featuring drummer Jamie Dunleavey — this young lady from St Andrews is scarily on point.
It takes a unique set of skills to sing AND play bass AND play keys like Geddy Lee — John Power (Eoin de Paor) is incredibly accurate.
Guitarist Steve Brown is a lifelong Rush fan and pro player with way too many guitars and wicked sense of humour — not unlike a certain Mr Lifeson.
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