Moving Pictures – A Tribute to the music of Rush

Moving Pictures + Leoni Jane Kennedy

Saturday, 12 August

7pm // £15 // 14+

Moving Pictures - A Tribute to the music of Rush
One of Europe’s top tributes to Canada’s finest export – Rush.

Keeping Rush’s legacy alive, Moving Pictures play for over two hours covering all the Rush classics such as Tom Sawyer, The Spirit of Radio and Xanadu with the same precision and energy that made Rush such a beloved band.

Moving Pictures features drummer Jamie Dunleavey (a young lady from St Andrews, scarily on point), Eoin de Paor (with a unique set of skills to sing AND play bass AND play keys like Geddy Lee) and guitarist Steve Brown (complete with double neck guitars). Steve is a lifelong Rush fan and pro player with a wicked sense of humour – not unlike Alex Lifeson.

With a passion that shines through in every note they play, Moving Pictures are regularly on the bill at Rush fan conventions, have recordings on the ‘Songs For Neil’ albums and have performed for Rush producer Terry Brown.

Whether you’re a die-hard Rush fan or simply appreciate great live music, don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of Moving Pictures in person.
“Moving Pictures – they’re really really good. I give them a double Redick thumbs-up.”
— Darren Redick – Planet Rock Radio.
“This is the 3rd best Rush show I’ve ever seen – the first two were Rush themselves”
Fan review.
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