Pye Corner Audio + GLOK

Pye Corner Audio + GLOK

Sunday, 15 October

7pm // £17.50 // 14+

Pye Corner Audio + GLOK


Pye Corner Audio is a British electronic music project by Martin Jenkins. He deals in an eerie, fragile
strain of electronic music mixing the Radiophonic/library music sound, sometimes with a post-punk
influence that aligns him firmly with such seasoned hauntologists as Mordant Music, Belbury Poly and
The Advisory Circle.

Jenkins refers to himself as the mysterious and nameless Head Technician in most of his online
profiles, and extra detail is taken to make the audio and visual elements of his performances look and
sound worn and vintage.

PCA first came to attention with 4 volumes of Black Mill Tapes on his own label Pye Corner Audio
Transcription Services. Like his contemporaries Demdike Stare and Ghost Box, Martin seemed to be
tapping into some hidden energy current, channeling spirits via electrical means. The pioneering
transmissions of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop could be detected lurking within the music’s staticky
swirl; so could the ominous throb of John Carpenter’s film soundtracks.

Pye Corner Audio – Pocket Disco


Andy Bell of RIDE and OASIS is taking GLOK for a spin this October. GLOKtober offers a rare chance
to see Andy performing live as his electronic alter ego, where he brilliantly weaves together throbbing
dubbed-out acid, levitational psychedelia, Balearic, ambient, techno, Kosmische, shoegaze, art-rock
and Compass Point-style post punk, with his virtuoso guitar playing and musicianship to the fore.
GLOK as a live entity was born in 2022 with a mindblowing session recorded for Electronic Sound
magazine, followed by two festival appearances at the Optimo/Ransom Note shindig Watching Trees
and Convenanza, the gathering of the acid house tribes in France started by the late Andrew
All of these performances featured visuals by Innerstrings, who will also be joining Andy for the UK
tour. Andy has reworked tracks from his acclaimed albums Dissident and Pattern Recognition,
alongside unreleased tracks, with a similar improvised, one-man band approach to when playing
under the Andy Bell Space Station name, but this time with an emphasis on the dancefloor.

GLOK – Projected Sounds

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